I'm Yvonne,

a UX/UI designer.


Since my childhood I've had a passion for art and a curiosity to discover the way things work, I wanted to explore a creative career path that lead me to graphic design. After working in the field of graphic design for a number of years I realized I wanted to dig deeper. I heard about UX Design and once I did some research it became apparent that this was the missing ingredient. It puts the user in the center of the design, as a highly empathetic and intuitive person this caught my attention. I believe there is more to great design than meets the eye and I am inspired to learn and grow as a professional UX Designer. 


I have just wrapped up a UX Design Diploma at BrainStation. I received a diploma in Visual Communications Design in 2017. I was most recently employed by Vancouver Opera, a well-established non-profit as an in-house designer. My work history also consists of a 10-week contract with the Vancouver International Film Festival and an instructional assistant position for a graphic design program. The last four years have culminated in running my own freelance business, blending my passion for creativity with technology.

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yvonne@olivotto.ca​  |  Vancouver Canada​  |  tel: +1 236 863 6545